Sunday, November 25, 2012

Skin Problems in Pit Bulls is not allergies! It is immune system troubles

My Pit Bull, Pepper, the sweetest dog recently passed. She taught me a lot about the body system of the Pit Bull. Too often I see Pit Bull owners with the same problems that she had, and I only recently discovered how to cure the problem, but I was too late. Her body was already shutting down from all of the conventional medicine I had subjected her to. The most common treatments (Prednisone) tore apart her stomach and she was unable to eat. In spite of that, during the time of her illness her skin stopped itching and her glandular swelling decreased. Her doggie smell dissipated. We were curing the root of the problem no doubt! For all the times that I searched the internet for answers on dog allergies and dog skin problems, I never came across the issue of yeast and fungus. I am putting this blog out there so that Pepper's life and passing will hopefully save your dog or Pit Bull. There are many many pit bulls out there with the same symptoms: Itchy Paws Itchy Skin Sensitive to grains Swollen Lymph nodes Doggie smell If your Pitty is experiencing these issues over and over again...If you think it's allergies...and allergy medicine does not work please read on!!! Pit Bulls do not have the immune system that many other dog breeds have. They are born immunocompromized! To make it worse, many pit bulls don't get such a great start. So many of them start off with owners that treat them poorly and breed them to be fighting dogs or abuse them. As puppies if they have not been fed properly and have lived in stressful environments then it further compromises their immune system as adults. Their immune system is most compromised in the area of fighting yeast and fungus. It's in their DNA. Things that feed yeast and fungus include: Prednisone, Antibiotics, grains (in most dog foods), and heat. Most vets (as mine did several times) will put these dogs on Antibiotics and Prednisone, maybe some anti inflammatory as well. This combination does a really good job of temporarily masking the underlying problem, but it always came back and each time a little worse. Ultimately I believe the stomach ulsers caused by prednisone are what killed my dog. There is an answer! There is a way to stop the cycle! If I had discovered this a little bit sooner then my pit bull would have survived. Since she did not, I hope and pray to help make her life
and her passing mean something to others, and save YOUR DOG! The answer: Stop giving them ANYTHING that feeds Yeast and Fungus IMMEDIATELY! Start giving them natural products to stop fungus. The pharmaceutical anti-fungals, while they may work, they are too powerful for the canine liver. There is a four step program available at 1. The black leaf tincture's primary ingredient is black walnut. This is a powerful anti-fungal and is even used in human natural healing to kill ringworm (a fungal infection). I gave this to my dog and within hours she was so much better. 2. Probiotics (also available at Nzymes). I used instead a Keefer probiotic that had multiple strains in it. Try to get something with as many strains as possible. Acidopholous is a good one for fighting yeast. I suggest if the pet is having a problem then give it to them 2-3 times per day and double dose the first 2-3 doses. Giving your dog plain, sugar free yogurt helps as well and may be a good snack. 3. Immune support herbs. The sprouted granules product on is wonderful, but there are other alternatives as well. Just make sure to get a high quality immune support builder. Remember while you are killing the yeast and fungus that it is wise at the same time to build up their immune system so that they can heal. 4. Ox-E drops (a product also from is wonderful. It gets rid of free radicals that are in the system and also helps bring the dog into a normal PH balance, which is very important for assisting the immune system. Also it is very important that you get the dog completely off of grains. Use a high quality grain free pet food or go with a raw foods diet for dogs. Don't give them ANY Corn, Wheat or Rice! Veggies and Meat are good, but nothing else! Also you can add tea tree oil to any shampoo that you use on your dog. This helps kill the topical fungus. There is another topical product called Skinplex that I heard wonderful things about but didn't get the chance to try. The bottom line is anti fungal and anti yeast. NO ANTIBIOTICS! Antibiotics FEED the issue, even though it may make it seem to go away temporarily. Best of luck! Love your dog! Melody


  1. Im going through this now. And everytime its getting worse. I have a red nose pit. Shes 8 yrs old thank u very much